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About us
Health Center offer Student Counseling、Disabilities and Sanitation service.
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Business Hours:Monday thru Friday, 8:00am - 5:10pm


Health Center/Counseling Services

Phone:(04) 2332-3456, ext. 6269
Office:Administration Building (1st Floor) L101


Health Center/Resource Room

Phone:(04) 2332-3456, ext. 1739 or 1741
Office:Computer Science Building (1st Floor) H101


Health Center/Sanitary & Health Services

Phone:(04) 2332-3456, ext. 3250 or 3251
Office:College of Management Building (1st Floor) M111

Health Center/Homeroom Teachers System

Phone:(04) 2332-3456, ext. 6266 or 6268
Office:Administration Building (1st Floor) L101